Why Choose Us

Achieve self-reliance with the aid of technology.

Krishivan Technologies is an AgroTech start-up that aims to partner with grassroots farmers to improve their livelihoods through smart collaboration between ‘Agriculture and Technology’. With us, farmers have exclusive access to Agri-solutions and Agri-advice at their fingertips. We bridge the gap between farming challenges, expert knowledge, shortage of high-quality agri-in puts, sustainable financial aid, equipped machinery and infrastructure to enhance the production a nd income ability of farmers with the integration of technology from pre-harvest to post-harvest. We Deliver Farmers An AI-Based Platform Through Which They Can Acquire 24X7 360-Degree Agricultural Assistance. Our Soil To Market Aid Provides Farmers A Reliable And Flexible Ecosystem To Facilitate Their Farming Cycles By Valuable Inputs.

"If agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right in the country."